Pathology Editorial Spread
An editorial spread explaining why and how hypertrophic scarring occurs and where they commonly happen
Public Education Poster
Pamphlet to educate parents how to swaddle infants correctly so to prevent hip dysplasia
Hypotonia Illustration
Illustrations depicting hypotonia (floppy baby syndrome) for medical study guide, Toronto Notes
Human Anatomy Illustrations
Series of visuals depicting human anatomy
Paleontology Illustrations
Illustrations visualizing the fossilized Burnetiamorph (Therapsid) skull
Neuroanatomy Illustrations
Series of illustrations depicting human neuroanatomy
Botanical Illustrations
Various plant illustrations completed for a plant identification textbook
Medical Legal Illustrations
Illustrations created to inform a courtroom about injuries due to medical malpractice
Surgical Illustration
Series of surgical illustrations depicting the steps of a rectus femoris flap surgery
Kinesiology Illustrations
Series of illustrations depicting different lateral ligament sprains resulting from various inverted foot positions
Cat Anatomy Poster
A study of a domestic cat and the placement of the skull
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